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Please take note that you’re buying from Kosttel Pte Ltd, the Sole Distributor for Romoss products in Singapore. Romoss is the No.1 Best Seller for Premium Power Bank and it’s reputable for it’s top quality and affordable price. All our Original Romoss Premium Power Bank offer 1 Year Warranty and US$3,000,000 product liability insurance.

All You Need To Know About Power Bank

Portable power banks can be a great option for a quick and convenient way to keep electronic devices charged when it’s needed. If you’re looking to purchase a portable power bank to fulfil your needs, here are some questions and answers that will guide you into the right direction.

What are the various battery/cell types in power banks?

The two main types of battery in power banks are Lithium-Polymer(Li Polymer) and Lithium-Ion. Due to the high production cost for Li Polymer battery compared to Lithium-Ion battery, the price of power bank equipped with Li Polymer battery is always higher than that of Lithium-Ion battery. Li Polymer battery is lighter, flexible i shape and offer much safer aspect. All smartphones/tablets uses Li Polymers batteries

What are the common charging habits and why are safety measures technology is an important factor to take attention in a power bank?

Currently, there are a lots of cheap and low quality power banks in the market. Many of them were sold at online stores. These power banks poses a threat to consumers, as they use low quality electronic parts and cheap batteries inside their power banks and it may bring harm to you or your family and damage your smartphone batteries due to over heating and no safety protection. Hence, it is advisable that consumers purchase power banks from reputable brands. 

Why does a power bank take a longer period to charge in a computer USB port compare to a USB wall charger adapter even though both supply 5V?

This is due to the fact that the USB Port (USB 2.0) in a computer/laptop only supplies 0.5 Amp. In comparison, USB wall charger adapter supplies 1 Amp to 2.1 Amp of power supply. A power bank in general will require 5V and 1 Amp for optimum charging.

What is mAh?

mAh is the short form for milliAmp/hours. It’s a measurement of the amount of energy the battery can store. For example, a 8400mAh power bank can store twice the amount of energy than a 4200mAh power bank.

If a smartphone cell is 1600mAh, does this means a 4800mAh power bank can charge it 3 times full charge?

No, it depends on the quality of the power bank. There are several factors that affect the charging capability of the power bank such as the quality of the battery and printed circuit board (PCB) board design.

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Local news article in April 2014

RECALL ALERT: Challenger(Singapore) alerted customers to “overheating” problems for Valore vPower 7800 mAh (above) and 5200 mAh, sold for $79.90 and $59.90 respectively. It is offering customers a one-for-one exchange until 31 May 2014, or a refund for those that are still covered under the product’s warranty.