Available in March 2017
The eUSB SOFUN 9 comes complete with the eUSB iCharger 45. Both could charge your Laptop/Mac directly.
Super High Charging Power

  • Powered by eUSB Patented Charging Technology
  • Samsung SDI Lithium Cells
  • High Capacity: Pure 23,400mAh
  • Triple USB Port
  • Torch Light Function
  • LED Power Indicator

What’s in The Box
1 x eUSB Sofun 9
1 x iCharger 45(A/C Charger)
1 x 3 pin Adapter
2 x USB Charging Cable
8 x Charging Cable Tip Connector
1 x User Manual
1 X Warranty/Insurance Card
Optional: MagSafe Cable(OEM) $25

Made for Romoss LAPTOP

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Product Description

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If you have a power hungry smartphone, tablet or even laptop, you either have to stay close to electricity sockets all day long or consider getting a reliable power bank.  For a laptop, the power bank will have to be extra powerful, and this is where the Romoss Sofun 9 comes in.


The Romoss Sofun 9 is sleek and compact. The glossy white exterior has an intuitive design specially developed for comfortable hand-held use. On the outside, it has 4 LED lights that indicate the power bank’s charge levels.


A Grade A Cell is used to ensure that Romoss Sofun 9 is not only of impeccable quality but, it is also highly reliable. With a 23,400 mAh battery, it offers emergency boosts for drained batteries all day long. With a maximum power of 65W, the Romoss Sofun 9 packs sufficient power to recharge most laptops.


The power bank can discharge power while still charging, and has 500+ recharge cycles over the life of the battery. In addition to short-circuiting protection, it also has over-voltage protection for both input and output as well as protection from overheating.

Charging Time for Sofun 9

Self charging for Sofun 9 approx 4-5 hours, with iCharger45 Charger.


eUSB_sofun_9-ROMOSS SPecseUSB sofun 9

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