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ROMOSS is a world leading manufacturer of external batteries. it’s products, powered millions of mobile devices like, smartphones, tablets, laptop and many other bluetooth devices. ROMOSS unrivaled, patented eUSB Auto Voltage Switching Technology (patent no.201120289581.7), charge fast and protect your devices batteries from over charging and collateral damage. ROMOSS incorporate innovative technology into it’s products that are smaller, more powerful, durable, and safe!

Using a unique brand of hi-tech energy conversion technology, ROMOSS provide an intelligent gateway to using external batteries. The entire ethos about ROMOSS was the commitment and passion. These distinguishing features make ROMOSS a leading brand in the global 3C external battery industry. Romoss Structure

ROMOSS products is sold worldwide and a top seller in many countries, and it had received numerous awards for it’s reputable design, technology, high quality user experience and safety performance.



Buying from ROMOSS guarantees you two things. One, it gives you an incredible level of safety and protection of a top quality products. Second, All ROMOSS product’s comes with One Year Warranty and US$3,000,000 product liability insurance, in case the unfortunate happen. It’s ROMOSS commitment for excellent and protection to millions of it’s customers worldwide.

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ROMOSS use only genuine and new Lithium Ion or Lithium Polymer battery cells, inside it’s external batteries (power bank). The battery compartment incorporate a safety circuitry for superb protection against overcharging and over heating.

So, what are you waiting for? Be powered by a ROMOSS today!